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My First Blog Post

May 29, 2010 1 comment

The other day I was reading Donald Farmer’s blog and read that he has nine year’s experience in Business Intelligence. (For those that may not know, Donald Farmer is the Microsoft technical evangelist for the PowerPivot product.) As I’m now entering my 11th year in BI, I thought to myself…Geez, what have I done with my life? Maybe I should start contributing a bit more.

So I’ll start a blog. But, to quote Jamie Thomson in his first blog post in November of 2004, "So…I’ve got a blog. Now the inevitable question…what on earth to put in it?" Hopefully, this isn’t my first and last post. I’m a frequent, well at times frequent, poster to the Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services forum. More and more I’ve hoped to be able to reference existing internet articles in my responses to some of those posts and way too frequently (once is too often), I’ve found no references suitable. So, for now, much of my inspiration will come from those times. More later….I hope.

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