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AttributeHierarchyEnabled and Cube Space Definition

Sometimes I fall into the trap of assuming one product behaves like another. For instance, with Essbase, you could add an attribute hierarchy (really member properties) without requiring reprocessing of the cube. I thought the same with Analysis Services when an attribute was added to a cube dimension and the AttributeHierarchyEnabled property was set to false. BOL also seems to lead me to that conclusion. I would have thought that an attribute with the AttrbiuteHierarchyEnabled property set to false, since an attribute hierarchy isn’t created, would not have any impact on the cube space definition. However, if one adds a new disabled attribute hierarchy to a cube, it does require reprocessing of all measure groups related to that dimension.

To my delight this past week, I had to change the AttributeHierarchyEnabled property from False to True. I thought I would have to reprocess the entire cube. However, I was wrong. All I did was change the property value, deploy the changes, and a new attribute hierarchy was visible. Apparently, even attribute hierarchies with this property set to false still help to define the cube space.

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