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Setting up the Denali Client Machine

After the connection to the Tabular database was set up, I also wanted to test Crescent with a PowerPivot model created in the old fashioned way, by uploading an Excel workbook to a SharePoint PowerPivot gallery. So I downloaded the HelloWorldPicnic demo. I uploaded the included Excel file to the PowerPivot gallery and when I tried to create a Crescent report, I got the following error.


I thought if I reprocessed the original workbook and uploaded again that the error would be resolved. However, when I tried to launch the PowerPivot window, I got yet another error.


I had downloaded the PowerPivot add-in from the PowerPivot site. However, apparently that isn’t the correct version. To work with the Denali, I needed the Microsoft SQL Server Denali PowerPivot for Excel version. Once I downloaded and installed that version, I was able to launch the PowerPivot window and refresh the data. However, re-uploading that workbook to the PowerPivot gallery did not resolve the problem.

The way I ended up resolving the issue was to create a BISM connection to the PowerPivot workbook. However, I could not create it successfully using the method described in the Create a BISM Connection to a PowerPivot Workbook article available on MSDN. I had to create it using the same method I used to create my BISM connection to the tabular project that was described in my last blog post. When a PowerPivot model is deployed to SharePoint, that model is created as a database on the {ServerName}\PowerPivot instance of Analysis Services. (Yes, a full install of Denali will contain three named instances of Analysis Services as described in this blog post by Andrew Fryer). Connecting to that PowerPivot instance and expanding the Databases node in Object Explorer, I got the name of the database corresponding to my HelloWorldPicnicDenaliCTP3 workbook. I used a server name of {ServerName}\PowerPivot and that database name to create my BISM connection. Using that approach, I was able to use the Create “Crescent” Report option from the pull down menu available from the BISM connection to successfully launch Crescent.

Don’t know what my problem was or if this issue should be logged in Connect. Would be interested to know if anyone else experiences this problem.

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